About using my gifs - please read this!

There have been some questions about this, so I just want to make sure I’m very clear about when I would like you to credit me when using my gifs.

I make these gifs for all of you, and I’d like if you saved them to your computer, shared them, and used them whenever you wanted. Spread the love for Kagrra,! I just ask that you please try to follow these guidelines:

- You DO NOT have to credit me if you’re using the gif as a reaction or reply to something like comments or messages in your ask. For example, if you see a post that’s really funny and you reblog it and add one of my gifs of the band members laughing, that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to credit me.

- But PLEASE DO credit me if you share my gifs on another website. Again, if it’s a reaction/reply, you don’t need to credit me. But if you just make a post to show the gifs, PLEASE also link to kagrragifs.tumblr.com.

- If it’s a submission or reblog, please ask the person who made the gif.

- And if you’re unsure and want to avoid making me sad, just ask me!

This is the REALLY IMPORTANT part!!!!!!

This morning I saw that someone had reuploaded one of my gifs as a picture post on Tumblr. I really don’t understand why you would do this instead of just reblogging. Please don’t do this, and if you really feel like you have to do it at least be courteous enough to link to my blog as the source and not try to claim it as your own. I put a fair amount of effort into them and I would like for you to respect that. I really hate watermarking gifs, so please don’t make me feel like I need to put huge ugly watermarks all over my gifs.

Sorry about putting this in the #kagrra tag, but I want to make sure anyone who wants to see it will see it. I’ll be adding a page on my blog that you can look at in the future if you can’t remember all this.

Here’s something cute for putting up with me:

So, do you guys think this is understandable and reasonable?

19 Oct 11 —  reblog
  1. musasaby answered: you are such a lovely mod! i adore kagrragifs (we all know) and thank you for being so friendly about this. ♥
  2. miharou answered: Thanks for this info, I had been actually wondering this too, and yes, sounds reasonable! And love that gif ♥
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